In 2015, Haas&Hahn were invited by Cordaid (Dutch NGO) to organise a painting project in Port-au-Prince. They visited many locations in the city before deciding on a hillside community called Vila Rosa to start the work. Vila Rosa is very centrally located in Port-au-Prince and was heavily hit by the earthquake of 2010. Many houses have since then been rebuilt but most are unfinished with the raw brick left exposed.

A design was created for each individual house, which was then discussed with the owner and often adjusted to fit his/her taste, keeping in mind that the overall design should create a unified effect, connecting the houses with color. The team of local painters would execute the painting using instructions provided by Haas&Hahn. Inspired by the Tap-Tap buses the design follows the architectural elements of the buildings with outlines of bold and typically Haitian colors.